FAQs & Tips for UK Camping Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for all those traveling out of the country, be it on vacation or on business or on a camping trip. Camping is an adventurous activity and involves living in the boonies mostly with minimal facilities. The activities associated with camping are all outdoor including hiking, biking, trekking, rock climbing and water sports etc. which expose you to dangers of the wild.

Hence it is important to have travel insurance in place for your camping vacation too. Here are some FAQs and tips for getting the best camping insurance deals in the UK.

FAQs & Tips for UK Camping Insurance

1.  How Much Cover Do You Need?

Camping insurance does not just include insurance for you. It is also for the camping gear that you carry along. When you look at them individually, it may not seem very much, but together it comes to a sizeable amount. So the first thing to do is see how much your camping gear costs and plan for the cover you may need. In UK camping insurance is available from £15 to £150.

2. What Can Be Included in the Cover?

Apart from the usual camping gear such as tents and their accessories. Equipments such as yachts, rafting boats etc, other valuable items such as mobiles, cameras, laptops and even jewelry can also be insured. Insurers can include these other items brought along to the camp for an additional amount.

3.  Will Travel Insurance Serve the Purpose?

The answer would be yes and no. Yes, because travel insurance can protect your valuables and cash from uncertainties such as theft and mishaps, and no because it will not cover your camping equipment. Travel insurance would work fine on a UK camping trip if you are going to hire all the camping-related equipment onsite. If you are carrying your own camping gear then a camping insurance is a good idea.

4. Points to Check Before Buying an Insurance

Shield Total Insurance is a specialist in outdoor leisure insurance in UK. Here are a few tips from the experts:

  • Comprehensive tent insurance is one which helps protect your complete camping equipment and personal belongings from loss or damage due to acts of nature, accidents or theft. Premiums start from £32.
  • When getting a camping insurance, it is important to check if it provides ‘loss of use’ cover. Such a cover will compensate for the immediate effects of the loss. For instance, if your tent is completely destroyed and unfit for use then you are practically left without a roof for the rest of your trip. Loss of cover is a part of the insurance that will pay for your accommodation for that holiday.
  • Before buying camping insurance you must check if it provides third party insurance. This will cover your expenses payable if your camping gear lands in a legal liability for causing harm to another party.
  • Be advised that reading the KEY FACTS SUMMARY is very important before buying insurance. It summarizes the inclusions and exclusions of the policy. Exclusions include damage by insects, pets, mildew or rot.
  • Trailer tents need to be insured separately or through a rider, so also acts of nature.
  • Cheap insurance comes with no frills and the riders are expensive. So always check for the exclusions when going for a cheap insurance.
  • The insurance may come to action only if you are heading out for a long camping trip for at least a couple of days. Overnight stays may not be covered. It is important to check for this clause.


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