Tips on Selecting Family Camping Tent

Selecting family camping tent should be done wisely as it will serve as your temporary home when you are away in the wilderness. Before selecting you need to recall your family’s needs in this regard. Below given are some of the important points that should be considered while selecting a perfect family camping tent:

family camping tentConsidering the Size

Camping with your family includes your children for which you need to select a tent which will provide enough space for them to move around as well as play games. Depending on the size the tents can be classified into three categories which are:

  • Dome Style – designed to resist extreme weather though not equipped with enough space,
  • Cabin Style – equipped with enough space though not suitable for extreme weather and
  • Screen rooms – preferable for covering picnic or sitting areas with weatherproof roof.

Make it easy on yourself

While selecting your family camping tent you need to be focused on the set up process. The difficulty of setting up tents involves on the poles it has. Ventilation is another important aspect to look after. Moistures of wet clothes as well as people’s breathing should be ventilated.

Pay according to your Need

If you want to camp with your family frequently then investment while selecting camping tent would be advisable. To add strength to your tent, opt for aluminum poles. To protect your family from ultraviolet rays you can opt for polyester tents. Depending on your camping season, you have to choose tents either with panel for cross ventilation or waterproofed roof.

Check the Extra Spaces

You need to check out the extra space available in your tent while camping with your family. Mesh side storage spaces would be beneficial on this note to store flash lights, glasses, books and other items. When your camping includes kids, interior shelf’s for storing big stuffs like kid’s toys would be useful.

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