5 Best Family Camping Activities

Camping trips are fun and a great way to reconnect to your friends and family amidst nature. Camping can be a great time to also get into activities which otherwise you are too busy to do. Also, if you are with kids, it always makes sense to have a few activities planned out up your sleeve as kids tend to get bored easily, and the activities could help keep them interested. Find below a list of 5 activities that you can indulge in with your family while you are out camping with them.

family camping activitiesGames

Nothing beats beating a parent at a board game and any child will vouch for it. Take along easy to pack board games like scrabbles, monopoly etc. For a twist of the wild, you could take some camping fun games too.


Register yourselves at any of the geocaches websites and use a GPS system to locate the caches created and finding the small trinkets kept there to be found out. A technologically advanced version of the Treasure Hunt, this one is sure to be a success with the kids today.


Turn your camping expedition more exciting by adding a hike on a nature trail to it. There are hordes of things you can do while you go hiking, ranging from photography to collecting leaf samples. Just be creative and do as you please to make the most of the hike.


Who has heard of a camping trip without a campfire? Build a roaring campfire with bits of twigs and firewood collected by all in the family and sit around it doing nothing or chatting up a storm. If music is what moves you then join in a full throated concert in the wild where the stars are all your family members.

Telling Stories

And while you are near that campfire, regale your kids with your story telling talents. The children will love it.


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