Important Facts about Camping in Wigwam

Wigwams are carefully designed timber cabins for camping, with comfortable heating and electricity inside. When you go out to remote locations for camping, it is significant to feel comfortable in your shelter. Camping in wigwam offers you the much needed cosy atmosphere with the carefully designed interior and other facilities. These are ideal for glamping holidays with family and friends.

facts about camping in wigwam

Different Types of Wigwams used for Camping:

Wee Brave Wigwam

These smaller form of wigwams offer a spacious sitting area which can be transformed to a sleeping area in the night. It can accommodate four people and it comprises of necessary comforts like heater, power sockets, lighting and sometimes a refrigerator as well.

Big Chief Wigwam

These larger form of wigwams can accommodate five people and are perfect for family glamping holidays. It has comfortable spacious sleeping platforms along with standard amenities. Many of these include a private picnic area along with TV and refrigerator.

Running Water Wigwam

Made with sustainable timber, these running water wigwams are luxurious and large enough to accommodate your whole family. Besides having all the amenities in the other two, this also has toilet facilities and a mini kitchen with a sink with cold and hot water facilities.

Running Water Deluxe Wigwam

This is the most luxurious of all these camping cabins with sophisticated amenities included in it. Apart from a mini kitchen with microwave and fridge, it also has a toilet and sports shower. It is designed with doors and windows that offer fabulous views of the surroundings.

Shielings and Longhouses

Some of the wigwam sites offer these luxurious settings for camping where you can indulge in the state of art facilities inside. These camping pods or cabins are ideal when you wish to spend some leisure time with family or friends, soaked in the natural environment around.

Irrespective of whether you are holidaying in a stunning beach, a hill station or trek through forests, wigwams are great for camping. It is ideal to have a comfortable pod or cabin to return to, after a long day of activities.  The carefully insulated and heated cabins of wigwams are designed to provide maximum comfort to the users.

Systematically planned and designed interiors of wigwams are intended to serve all your necessities. Once you hire a wigwam from a reputed company, you are guaranteed to have a most relaxed stay regardless of the weather outside.


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