England’s North York Moors National Park Is both colourful and historic

Another one of Britain’s great national parks is North York Moors. It has everything you could ask for in a scenic park including the Moor to Sea Cycle Route. This is an adventurous trail that’s ideal for mountain bikes and ATVs.

It’s a set of trails that totals about 80 miles and it winds its way through the park. It’s one of the best ways to explore all the natural beauty the region has to offer as it takes you through beautiful hills and forests before reaching the picturesque seaside. You’ll also pass by several charming villages and towns along the way.

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North York Moors National Park is located in England and was established back in 1952. The total size of it is approximately 555 square miles. The park is well known throughout Britain for its heather moorland. It’s estimated that one third of the park is covered in this colourful landscape. However, while it’s filled with wonderful moors, North York Moors is actually the most forested national park in England. The woods cover about 22 per cent of the park and you’ll find a wide variety of trees such as native oak, birch, and ash. There are plenty of streams and valleys and many plants including the yellow archangel. Most of the trees were planted back in the 1900s to create a plentiful source of timber.

There are 26 miles of fantastic coastline at the park which features a lot of history and some amazing cliffs. Some of the rocks are close to 200 million years old and it’s believed that the area was once crawling with dinosaurs. In fact, remains of ancient sea creatures such as plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs have been discovered here. There are also numerous fossilized plants and dinosaur footprints in the sandstone on some of the cliffs.

Other historical sites include medieval abbeys, which include Mount Grace, Byland, and Rievaulx. You’ll also come across some old castles such as Helmsely Castle. This amazing structure looks over the charming market town of Helmsely. The castle has been used for various things over the years including a Tudor mansion, Civil War stronghold, and medieval fortress. The Pickering Castle, which was built in the 1200s, was popular with medieval kings as a part-time residence and a hunting lodge.

In total, there are about 1,400 miles of trails in the park which can be enjoyed by cyclists and hikers. There’s also another 90 square miles of moors that can be explored by foot. You can get to the park if you take a train to Whitby or Middlesbrough. There’s a local railway that stops at several towns that are located in the park. You can also reach the region and communities by local bus routes. There’s a bus service called the Moorsbus network which runs between April and October.

The park is a treat at any time of the year. However, the colourful purple heather is best witnessed in the summer and early fall. One of the best ways to see the park is to jump on the Yorkshire Moors Railway in Pickering and take a trip to the lovely seaside town of Whitby on the North Sea. This will enable you to view many picturesque villages and the impressive countryside. If you’d like to do some hiking, you can always get off at Newton Dale Halt and stretch your legs for a few miles.

When it comes to camping out, there are numerous campgrounds and caravan parks located in North York Moors National Park. These will allow you to set up a convenient on-site base for exploring the countryside.


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