Create a Checklist for your Winter Camping

Whether it is winter or summer, camping needs a checklist every time. However during winter it is more important to get a checklist as it is a crucial time if once gets stuck in some place then it will be very troublesome for them. Because winter is cold and silent so wherever you go you should be well prepared and be specific about the items that you carry with yourself.

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Since you know that camping is full of adventure and is done in the nature hence you should always be well prepared and have enough of things to help you in times when you are stuck as you will get no help from other sources. Although there are certain areas where you will get sufficient facilities still there is no harm in staying prepared.

Below is a checklist of things which you should have for a winter camping:

  1. Navigation- You should always have a map, a compass and a GPS connection to find and locate places easily in order to avoid getting lost in strange places.
  2. Sun Protection- Although it will be winter season still you should keep sun protection stuffs to avoid sun tan or sun burn such as sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, etc.
  3. Insulation- This is a very important part of your checklist as it will help you stay warm in winter season. Things you should carry with you during winter campaigning are jackets, gloves, vests, hat, etc.
  4. Illumination- Always have something to lighten up your path during some electricity breakdown or dark roads to avoid any kind of danger. Carry a torch light, head lamp r flash and some extra batteries.
  5. First aid kit- Whether it is winter or summer, you should always carry a first ad box with basic items in it to tackle any casualty.
  6. Fire- A camping is incomplete without a bonfire or rather camp fire; but more than that any winter outing is incomplete without fire. Always carry some wood and fuel along with some match box and a lighter to get the fir on the perfect required time.
  7. Other things are repair tool kit, food and emergency shelter option to stay prepared for any crisis situation.

Camping seems to be exciting but if unprepared will lead to any problem which you may never expect to come even so being well prepared is better than find solution after getting into the problem because it will help your time, money, energy and most importantly your life.


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