Checklist For Your Trekking Camp

While many of us go trekking or hiking, we should always keep in mind the main essentials that we should carry during camping. It is always recommended to make a list before we go on a camping trip so that we do not forget to take any important thing.

The valuables that should be taken do not always have complete usage or mandatory usage but you never know when it can be useful. So let’s make a checklist for your trekking or hiking camp:

Checklist For Your Trekking Camp

  1. Shelter: During camping or hiking it is very much needed to carry your own portable tent or shelter as it can be useful anywhere needed. There are many reasons which can lead you to stop anywhere anytime and it is that time when you may need to rest somewhere. Always carry a tent with you with proper blankets and sheets necessary.
  1. Navigation: It is best to carry a navigating device to help you head in the right direction.You may use a GPS navigation device but it is not reliable as such devices run on batteries. Under any such circumstances, if you run out of batteries you may be stuck. Thus the two main things that you always need to carry while on camping are a compass and a map. These helps you to reach in the right direction and it also help you to choose the shortcuts without you getting lost.
  1. Sun protection gear: Due to long hours of travelling in the midst of the heat it is highly advised to use sun protection gears. These include both sunglasses as well as sunscreens. Use dark lenses glass to avoid the UV radiation of the sun rays which can harm your eyes and always use a high SPF sunscreen, the value ranging from SPF 15- SPF 30 to save your skin from the harmful sun rays.
  1. Solar lights: Always carry flashlights with you wherever you go on a trekking trip. If you use flashlights which run on batteries then you should carry an extra pair of batteries. Or you can also use an eco-friendly way of solar charging flashlights which would help you throughout and may not need to depend on batteries.
  1. Right clothing: While on a trek, do carry extra clothes with you as you never know when the weather may change. Take extra clothing to save yourself according to the weather and season of the camping place. Always wear clothes and take clothing which may keep your body in a normal temperature without hampering your health.
  1. First aid: We should carry a first aid box whenever we go trekking. There may be minor cuts on your body due to camping. Take medicines which may be useful during the trip, which may give some relief to your body.


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