Caravan Care During The Winters

Summers are over and so is your time to go out caravanning. Say bye to your caravan unit for the season and make arrangements to keep it in good shape. But before you do that, make sure that you have all the points covered that will ensure the safekeeping of the caravan. Here are some important pointers that will help you arrange for the maintenance of your caravan.

caravan care during the wintersStorage Place

Decide first if you want to park your caravan just outside your house or at a distant parking site. These sites are well covered and perfectly suited to take care of the vehicle from rain or shine. Outside your house may not be a prudent idea. If you have zeroed in on a professional parking site then research well on the place you want to select. Talking to your friends can also give you some leads.

Body Care

A thorough body cleaning is very important. You might want to consider applying a coat of winter wax so that that the snow and ice do not cause any major damage to the caravan body. But before that clean the vehicle well. Make sure that the cleaning agents you use on the vehicle are good and tried and tested. If you are using ladders while you work on the vehicle, be careful so that you do not leave a stray scratch on it.

Internal Cleaning

While you have taken care of the external body of the caravan by waxing and cleaning it, make sure that the interiors of the vehicle are also taken care of. Get rid of any water in the caravan and clean any spot that may have got wet. You do not want damp setting in and destroying your vehicle.

Check for Tires and Light Fittings

Before you put away the vehicle for the season make sure you have checked the tires and the light fittings. This is necessary because next spring when you bring it out you do not want to waste time on repairing these. Also a broken light or a loose connection can affect the internal wiring of the same.

Clean the Toilets

This is mandatory and important because you do not want to compromise on the hygiene. Empty the water tank after the cleaning process is complete and secure the toilet seat in the closed position once you are done.


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