Best 3 Campsites in UK with Electric Hook Up

While many campers prefer enjoying the basics while camping, there are some who look for comforts of few of the electrical appliances they use at home.

There are basically two ways by which you can use electricity while camping and that is either by using a leisure battery or going for camp sites that offer electric hook up. These provide 230V electricity and can be used to run any electrical appliances but in most sites, the supply is restricted. Here is a list of some of the campsites in UK that offer electric hookup.

stowford farm meadows

1. Stowford Farm Meadows

If you are looking for a country side break in a lovely rural setting, then this is your best option. Situated in Devon, this campsite has its own private drive and there are five camping and caravan fields with many facilities and activities to try from. From horse riding to beautiful and serene walks, you will really enjoy being here.

2. Ninham County Holidays

This campsite features a quiet duck pond that is perfect for fishing and a bluebell wood that is full of badgers, red squirrels and wood peckers and this is a place that you surely would not like to leave. The pond is full of fishes like perch, rudd, carp and roach. You can relax in their heated outdoor pool or just enjoy the blissful ambience.

3. Lee Wick Farm Cottages and Camping

Located in north Essex countryside, this campsite is focused in potato production and has many horse stables. You can take your beloved dog if you come for camping here but make sure he is well behaved. There is the Essex Wildlife Trust Colne Point Nature Reserve nearby and you can get free passes to visit this place.

These were the top three campsites in UK with electric hook up that you must surely visit.

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