Do’s and Don’ts for Camping with Dogs in UK

An outing with your family can be fun and a lot more if you can take your pet dog along. Many campsites in UK are now allowing dog owners to bring in their beloved pets along. Here are some common dos and don’ts to take care when you are out camping with dogs.

Camping with Dogs in UK

List of Dos when camping with your dog in UK

  1. Ensure that you put the collar on the dog. This should have the dog’s registration number and your details including the contact number printed on it.
  2. Always keep the collar tied to a leash, preferably the extendable ones as most campsites have the requirement to leash your dog.
  3. Carry enough and more of dog food and extra water as a standby just in case the campsite falls short of water.
  4. Carry your dog bowl along, as it is used to this familiar dish that serves food every day.
  5. Carry enough poop bags as leaving the poop behind is a strict no-no in campsites. It affects the hygiene levels of the campsite and its natural surroundings. Also make sure to dispose them only at designated areas on the site and not elsewhere.
  6. Carry at least one favorite toy or accessory that your dog loves the most. This way he will feel more at home.
  7. In addition to the leash, carry a sturdy rope so that you can tether him close to the shelter while you are busy doing other things near the camp. This will keep him away from dangers such as wandering away in the woods or towards the campfire.
  8. Keep yourself sufficiently energized as this will be one of the most essential items as your dog will want to walk more than normal.

List of Don’ts when camping with your dog in UK

  1. Synthetic tents can get very hot, especially for a dog. Do not let the dog stay unattended in the tent. Watch out for any signs of overheating such as heavy panting, red tongue etc. the best prevention is to keep the dog hydrated all times.
  2. Do not take your dog into the wilderness after dark.
  3. If there are other dogs in the park refrain from offering food or treats to your dog with the other dogs around.
  4. Do not forget to take your dog’s medication and first aid kit along. This can be very crucial as many campsites do not stock on dog essentials.
  5. Finally, do not leave for the trip without vaccinating your dog adequately. Make sure you check on this aspect of camping out with your dog diligently.


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