Top 8 Camping Tips for Fall

Fall or autumn is the perfect combination weather marking the departure of summers and the impeding welcome of the winter season. Though summers are best known for camping, fall camping is also quite popular with people recognising the fun of camping in comparatively cooler weathers.

The transition from summer to winter can be seen as a great opportunity to get some camping in with family and friends. But there are some tips and cautionary points that must be paid attention to by all those who are camping in the fall. So here are a few tips for camping in the fall:

camping tips for fall

  • The daylight is one of the most important light sources when going camping so try and make the most of it. Plan so that you can reach the camping site early enough to complete all the necessary tasks that need a lot of light like setting up the tent, collecting wood etc.
  • Account for the cooking time keeping note that the cooler weather will lead into longer time to cook. So keep ample time for cooking when getting the time management part of the trip done.
  • Pack warm clothes and be ready for the weather. It is naturally going to be colder out there particularly in the night so be sure to pack warm clothes (and layers)) to keep away the chills. Also make sure that you are carrying with you the right sleeping bag.
  • Check before hand if there is a possibility for rain or snow in the camping region. And in case of possibilities do carry waterproof jackets, boots and other essentials as per the weather predictions.
  • Plan everything or at least as much as you can beforehand so as to avoid any chaos or confusion while camping. First calculate the hours of daylight you will have and the hours in the night. Accordingly plan your day activities and night activities.
  • Considering it will get darker a bit sooner in the fall, carry extra batteries for the flashlights that you may burn at camp.
  • Another tip for the campers in the fall season is to always remember that sleeping bags must be laid open only when it is time to sleep. If the sleeping bags are left open before sleeping time, there is a possibility of moisture settling in the bags.
  • Fall doesn’t mean complete absence of bugs. Though there will be lesser bugs than in summer, you will definitely need a bug spray.


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