5 Popular Camping sites for Honeymoon in UK

Most people go to resorts, pool villas or even an old palace for their honeymoon. But there are some of you who are adventurous and may want something more than a cozy bed and a view from the window for your honeymoon.

For those of you who are willing to do something out of the box and brace nature there is the option for making camp at a nice spot to start your married life. Get to know each other in the lap of nature possibly without your cell phones and that should be a perfect start. Below given is a list of popular camping sites in UK that will prove to be perfect for your honeymoon.

Top Campsites for Honeymooners in UK

1.Red Kite Tree Tent Powys

red kite tree tent powysPhoto Credit By: travelchatter.dailymail.co.uk

How do you like the idea of sleeping on a tree house with the lilting breeze kissing you often? Sounds romantic huh!!! Well the place is romantic and there is more to it that just the suspension from the tree. It is quite unique and if you really want something bizarre for yourself and your spouse this might be it.

2. Soul Camping, Cornwall

It is a camp site and yet you do not need to bring your own supplies. That’s the beauty of this place. Just pack what you need to wear and the two bell tents here have all the other supplies that you will need for those relaxed honeymoon days.

3. Lundy Island, Devon

lundy island, devonPhoto Credit By: juncea.blogspot.in

When you intend to be disturbed only by the chirping of birds and the rippling waters, this should be your choice. Wake up to a quiet and isolated campsite that overlooks a granite outcrop.

4. Woodland Camping, West Sussex

This is a camping gold mine that lies between the silver birch sanctuary of Tolkein’s Rivendell and the woodland of 100 Acre Wood. This is a car free parking area so all you have is nature and its freshness. Get hold of a wheelbarrow to get your things to the camp ground and spend your days in serenity.

5. Sykeside, Cumbria

This is a mouth watering campsite that allows you to wake up by your love watching the sun kiss the glorious mountains. Almost all the supplies you would need for your camping to go smoothly are available here. If you want to engage in something more fastidious than bonfires then hit the pub that is in the camp ground.

All these campsites are perfect for that special honeymoon that you have had in mind… so make the most of it!


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