Camping in the Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean is a well known camping location in England. Located in the Gloucestershire County, Forest of Dean has been the inspiration for many fantasy novels such as those by JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling. This is the largest oak forest and England’s first National Park. It is located between River Severn and Wye Valley.

Whether it is sightseeing or a relaxing holiday you are looking at, Forest of Dean does not disappoint anyone. The National park has two well known campsites for you to choose from – the Bracelands campsite and the Christ Church campsite.

Bracelands Campsite, Gloucestershire

Bracelands Campsite, Gloucestershire

This is a spacious campsite located at the edge of the park. Majestic oaks and tall pine trees line the campsite, making it a great spot for nature camp. It offers a variety of camping activities such as hiking and biking trails, water sports at River Wye and unique Sculpture Trail where artists from all over UK have created various sculptures depicting the natural history and landscape of the forest. It is an educational experience for campers of all age groups.

Another favorite activity of the campers who come to Bracelands is bird watching and wildlife sighting. Some of the indigenous bird species of this campsite are: Peregrine Falcons, Buzzards, Goshawks, and Red Kites. Fallow deer, wild sheep and boars roam about freely in the forest.

During summer months, watch towers are set up with telescopes and powerful binoculars for professional bird viewing under the supervision of experts. While you are at it, you can also visit the famous Clearwell Caves, Go Ape rope course and Puzzlewood. The good news is that you can bring your dog along.

Christ Church Campsite, Gloucestershire

Christ Church Campsite, Gloucestershire

The fabulous campsite of Christ church is located in the western part of Forest of Dean and covers more than 200 square miles of the forest. This part of the park is full of thicket comprising oak, birch, ash and holly trees. The campsite overlooks a panoramic scene of the lush green forests which are known to have inspired many writers and poets in the history of England.

In addition to the regular hiking trails, this campsite is a favorite among bikers for its flat cycle trail that extends from River Wye up to Monmouth. From here, you can also access the Go ape rope course which is an expert guided activity for those who like to learn the art. Alternately you may also try the Ranger activities available at the campsite. Being a very popular campsite, we advise advance booking especially during peak season.


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