Campfire Safety Tips for Kids

We all know the saying “Better safe than sorry”. This is especially important in case of children. Having a campfire is more than fun, but it is important to know about campfire safety tips for kids. These are meant to make sure that you will have lots of fun without any risks.

Campfire Safety Tips for Kids

A boundary

One of the most important things to remember is to always have a boundary between the fire and children. This also means that only adults should feed the fire with woods and children should be watching from a safe distance.

In nature

If you are looking for kids’ campfire safety tips you have to make sure that you set the fire away from any hanging brunches and it is best to opt for an open space. Clear the area around the fire so that there would be any objects that could be caught on fire.

Sand and dirt

When it comes to the campfire safety tips for kids don’t forget to cover the area around the campfire with dirt and sand that would stop the spreading of fire if needed. Although you don’t have to be pessimistic about campfires, it is best to take safety measures.


The people looking for safety advice for kids’ campfire for sure know that the fuel of the fire is wood. Although it is a good idea to have some at hand to keep the fire burning, you should ensure that the wood is far enough from the fire, at least at 15 miles.

The torch

There are many ways to start a fire. In case you opt for using a torch, the campfire safety tips for kids tell you to place the torch in the fire as well to make sure that nothing else will be caught on fire by mistake. In the end you have to put out the torch as well.

Fire prevention

One can never know what will happen, and for this the kids’ campfire safety advice tells you to always have at hand a few buckets of water. In case something catches fire you will be able to put it out immediately and nothing else will be in danger of catching fire.

Although having a campfire seems harmless fun, there are some campfire safety tips for kids that you must take into consideration to make sure that there won’t be any accidents.


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