Top Five Camp in UK for Photography

Camping has never been more popular amongst people of all ages, than it is now. The traditional camping has taken many new forms, for example glamping, which is short for glamorous camping. Everyone wants to take full advantage of this fun hobby, and photographers are no exception.

Shooting in the wild or in close proximity to the nature is a brilliant idea. Here are top six camps in UK for photography, take a look and make your pick:

1. The Fire Pit Camp, Norfolk

This campsite is located on the fringes of the Wendling village and is a family friendly site. The area gives out the Smokey aroma of a traditional campsite and is home to about 420 saplings planted by a trust. The meadows and the leafy ambience provide all nature photographers with an opportunity to explore the uniqueness hidden in simplicity of our natural surroundings.

2. The Nicholson Farm, Docklow- Herefordshire

nicholson farm, docklow- herefordshire

This campsite will be a pleasure for all those photographers who like focus the lens on four legged livestock and also enjoy shooting feathered beauties such as kestrels, sparrow hawks, buzzards, goshawks and likes. This dairy farm campsite spreads over about 200 acres of land where owls hoot and species of birds glide over the hills and greenery.

These are many opportunities for all photographers to feed their lenses.

3. Nearly Wild Camping

This is not a particular location, rather a whole initiative run at different locations in the UK. The aim of the initiative is to provide the campers with a “wild” camping experience and an opportunity to explore brilliant country sides in the UK. This gives the camping photographers with the reach to shoot in the midst of the real wild camping experience. The initiative has 2 locations in Scotland, 10 in England and 8 in Whales with many more being added.


4. Troytown Campsite, St. Agnes, Isles of Scilly

troytown campsite, st. agnes, isles of scilly

This campsite is one of the smallest islands (inhabited) of Scilly which boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the region. The positioning of the site is spectacular and is cut off from the world due to lack of phone signals. This gives every photographer not only the perfect location to shoot the beauty of the beaches but also the much needed focus.


5. Penrallt Coastal Camping, Pweeheli- Gwynedd

Llyn Peninsula is known to be the home to multiple wildlife species both on the land and off it. And this particular campsite is located right in the middle of the wildlife rich region. Though family eccentric, the site is also a good location for wildlife photographers. It can be the perfect opportunity of spending some quality family time while also getting some amazing shots.


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