How to Camp During UK Festivals

The festival season in UK is all about rejoicing and enjoying yourself but festival camping is quite different from normal camping trips. There are a few things that you need to be more careful about when it comes to festival camping. As a first time festival camper quite a few tips as given below will come handy.

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Where you set up camp can make or mar your weekend. It will not only affect your sleep but your entire mood. You do not want someone peeing on you so stay far away from the toilet areas. Also do not camp near the entrances of the camp site unless you want to be trampled by or awaken by new entrants.

Make your Mark

While these festivals are all about having fun and socializing, it is definitely a good idea to mark your territory. However do not make it look like a police lockdown area, but a gazebo never hurt anyone.

Arrange for your Own Comfort

Though these festivals have supplies for sale in case of emergencies, but you can save the extra cost by bringing along whatever you might need. For example, you might want to pack a blanket and some candies for star gazing. If you do not mind the weight then an inflatable mattress is better than a sleeping bag.


These festivals are a great time to make new friends and if you are moving in a small group, then new acquaintances are good ways of venturing out. They will broaden your social horizon, and give you a helping hand when you need them.

Do not Invite Thieves

Security is fine and the best way to do that is by not carrying too many valuables. Also do not lock your tents as this will invite thieves. Keep your money, mobile phones and camera with you at all times.

If it is bigger, then it is better: We are talking about your tent. Carry one that will fit two more of you.

Bring Change

Of course change of clothes is a must, but more so the coins are necessary. The queue to get change at the festival is quite long and you do not want to waste that time.

Duct Tape is a Life Saver

A leaking tent is best mended by duct tape especially at the festival camping when you want to utilize your resources for something better.


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