Buying vs. Renting Camping Equipment

When it comes to camping, there is a lot of equipment or items that you need to carry to ensure that you have a comfortable trip.  From the tent to the sleeping bag and from the camping stove to the camping bag, the list is endless. But is it always more fruitful to buy the camping equipment or does renting prove more of a smart option? Well the following given comparison between buying and renting camping equipment may be able to answer this.

pros of renting camping gear

Pros of Buying Camping Gear

  • If you are someone who goes out for camping every now and then, then buying the equipment can be more economical and convenient. When you buy the items, they remain with you all the time and you don’t have to search for renting sites or renters each time you wish to go out.
  • Another positive about renting camping gear is that it can be a cheaper option in the long run as compared to renting whose accumulated cost in the long run can be more than buying.
  • When you buy camping gear, you can have brand new items which are in the best state and offer the best performance. This too is a positive related to buying items like tents etc.
  • You get more options and choices when you opt to buy camping gear as there are many sites, sellers and shops which sell items in every price range and of many types.

Pros of Renting Camping Gear

  • Renting camping gear is a much better option for those who do not go out for camping frequently and do so just once or twice in a year. This is so because buying gear in such a situation can prove to be more expensive and renting may be cheaper.
  • Another positive about renting camping gear is that when you rent items like tents, mattresses etc then you don’t have to worry about their storage since you can use and return them back. When you buy these items then you may need a dedicated space to store all the items.
  • Renting proves to be a much better option for first timers who wish to try out a few equipment and then decide what work best for them before going ahead and buying those items. Renting gives a trial opportunity to many.

Thus after considering the pros, you can decide upon a suitable option which matches with your needs, requirements and preference.


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