Top 5 Budget Campsites in UK

Camping is one of the favourite recreational activities of most of the busy city dwellers. It is the perfect way to get away from the noisy, clamouring and time consuming portal of life in the city. But it is not always easy to find the perfect campsite especially if one is running on a budget. To find a solution to this problem below is a list of top 5 budget campsites in the UK where one can unwind without winding down their finances too much.

budget campsites in UK

1. Cornish Tipi Holidays, Pendoggett, St. Kew

About 16 acres of the wooded valley (surrounding the lake) has somewhere around 40 tipis. This particular campsite is extremely diverse given the numerous micro habitats present in the area. This is the perfect budgeted place to enjoy the open air cooking experience while soaking in the physical pleasures that come with camping.

2. Broad Meadow House, Charlestown, Cornwall

This campsite is a made up of a couple of tiny fields that offer an amazing view of the sea with a combination of the pleasant site of the golden wheat fields. The fact that only a few campers are allowed on the site at one time may at leave those who do not get a spot disappointed but those who do can enjoy the camp site minus the rush.

3. Eweleaze Farm, Dorset

This is a green campsite with a local farm shop that sells all sorts of organic produce and the site promotes recycling amongst the campers. The most amazing part of the campsite is the cliff top location which gives the campers a brilliant view of the Jurassic Coast and access to private beach.

4. Blackberry Wood, East Sussex

The campsite restricts the use of any sort of radios or any other mode of loud music, so that the campers can enjoy the sounds of nature to the fullest. The area has about 20 pitches with zigzag pathways and amazing woodland adding to the beauty of the campsite. The local camp shop also provides for bike renting for those who would want to explore the area and its serenity.

5. Caerfai Bay, Pembrokeshire

This area in whales is already known for the amazing and awesome beaches it houses. In the midst of the beach beauty lays this campsite- Caerfai Bay- perfect for budget campers. The place offers a combination of beaches, beauty of rocks bursting from the sea and a soul nourishing closeness to the nature.


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