Britain Cycling Tours for 2014

Although the majority of people believe that driving has become a sport, there is another means of transportation that could bring a lot of joy to athletes and that truly is a sport: cycling. Besides getting things moving, it can also help you get to know the world around you. For this you might be interested in cycling tours in the UK.

Britain Cycling Tours for 2014

Tour de France

Although it is called Tour de France, several stages of the competition take place in the UK. In case you feel up to it, there are some trails that you may try as well. For instance you may take a trip to Cotswolds to get to know the charming countryside. If you follow the route up north, you will reach Yorkshire Dales, the home of the tour.


C2C means Coast to Coast. The tour starts in the Lake District west from Newcastle and it follows Hadrian’s Wall, the Roman landmark. If you would like to pedal some more on the coastline, you should take a trip to Scotland where you will get this opportunity.


In case you would like to take part in a tour like this, you will spend three nights in B&Bs. The tour operator will give you the helmets, bikes, transport, rain jackets, and day bags. The costs may vary according to the size of the group and the number of people sharing a room.

Southwest England

If this is a region that you would like to explore, you can be sure that there is a lot to see in Devon, Dorset, and Hampshire as well. For a more special trip you could be thinking about going all the way to the Isle of Wight.

English Tour

A tour to this part of the country would mean spending 2 nights at B&Bs and you will have to be cycling for 3 days. Again, the tour operator will offer you everything you need during those three days. All there is left for you to do is to push down on those pedals.

Tour of Britain

This tour begins after the Tour de France ends. It is the most popular professional cycling race of the country and it is held at the beginning of September. You should check the website of the organizers to find out more about the route of the tour.

If cycling is your “poison”, you can keep yourself busy this year.


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