Best Equipments for Camping in UK

Camping equipment is much in demand this season as vacation time has arrived. Here are some of the best camping equipments available for camping in UK.

1. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag

Whatever the weather, nights can get quite cold when out in the boonies. So a sleeping bag is a must have for those who enjoy camping in the outdoors of UK. Northface has come out with a great sleeping bag that is crafted from waterproof materials to give you a comfortable sleep even in the woods. It comes with a hood, foot box and a glow light clasp for ease of use and extra cozy slumber. It also bundles up into a small pack for ease of carrying.

2. Trek Towels

Trek Towels

Going light is the one tip that all campers know. Keeping this in mind, Lifeventure, a well known adventure supplies brand in the UK, has introduced microfiber towels which have super absorbing capacity and pack light. They also dry up instantly and carry an antibacterial formulation in their fibers that keep you germ-free. The towel’s instant drying capacity keeps the damp smells away from it so that your backpack and its contents are odor-free.

3. Backpack


Osprey has introduced a new range of backpacks called Kestrel which is ideal for serious trekkers or those going on a family camping trip. It comes with multiple pocket options including a bottle holder and a stow holder. The material of the backpack is water proof nylon and comes with a handy hood, foam harness and hip belts for ultimate comfort.

4. Pack Away Kettle

Pack Away Kettle

The kettle winds down into a tiny disc which is lighter than a plate. This innovation from Wacky Practicals is a great space saver and also dishwasher safe. It is tough and dent and scratch resistant too. The stainless steel base is ideal for every mode of heating from gas stoves to camp fires. The upper portion is made of silicone and is very sturdy. You also have a choice of quirky hues that will add color to your camping trip.

5. Tinder Sticks and Fire Steel

Tinder Sticks and Fire Steel

If a wild camping trip is on the charts then a camp fire is going to be lit for sure. Light My Fire is a company that has come out with two products namely TinderSticks and FireSteel originally developed for the Swedish Defense. The sticks serve as portable fire wood and are made of cultivated pine wood with a high percentage of resin that keeps it burning for long without being affected by wet weather. FireSteel is a portable lighter that comes with an emergency whistle as well. A must have for all wild campers in UK.

6. Pen Knives

Pen Knives

Popularized by the Swiss pen knives are available in a variety of shapes and sizes today. Leatherman has come out with a multi tool knife kit called Juice CS4 that has everything you would need on a camping sojourn. The tool comes with a knife, a couple of pliers, screw drivers, wire cutters, saw and scissors. It also comes with a can opener, cork screw and a bottle too. The most amazing part of this tool is that it has a 25-year warranty.

7. Head Torch

Head Torch

A camping trip without a head torch is a big no-no. Petzl is a leader in the head torch market and has a number of varieties in this line. Tikka Plus is their latest product and also the most popular one for more reasons than one. It is equipped with a high wattage LED bulb that comes in 3 illumination modes – flashing, economic and maximum. It also comes with a night vision option which makes it an indispensible gear to have.


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