Benefits of Taking Membership of Camping and Caravanning Club

If you are someone who is fond of camping and caravanning then you must know what camping and caravanning clubs are. These clubs are members only clubs which provide special camping related privileges to all those who pay to become a part of them.

Camping and caravanning clubs offer many easy camping facilities to the members and often organize camping trips for them at lesser costs. The following are some of the main benefits of taking membership of camping and caravanning clubs:

benefits of taking membership of camping and caravanning club

Access to Many Camping Sites

One of the greatest benefits of being a member of camping and caravanning clubs is that as a member you get access to many camping and caravanning sites across the city or country. This means that members can access these sites either free of cost or for a reduced cost. This makes the overall experience of camping for campers very easy and cheap.

Numerous Deals and Offers

Another benefit of joining a camping or caravanning club is that members get an opportunity to avail several offers, deals and discounts all year round. These deals may be in the form of discounts on some camping activities, offers on early bookings and discount on camping gear at select stores etc.

Special Activities and Events

As a member of camping and caravanning clubs, one can be a part of many adventurous activities like fishing, ferry rides, rock climbing etc. which he/she may not be able to avail otherwise. Many special treks, summer camps and other events too are regularly organized for those who become members of such clubs.

Caravan Trips

Another major benefit of a caravan or camping club membership is free caravan trips to many adventurous places or camping sites. These caravan trips can be great learning experiences for members and those who are new to these types of outings.

Special Training Classes

Another benefit which members of camping and caravanning clubs can avail is invitation to join free and special training classes which teach about right ways to hike, camping tips and tricks, right way to set up tents, make bonfire etc. these classes can be great for beginners and for rare campers.

Monthly Magazines

Many of such clubs send their members free monthly or weekly magazines which are related to outdoor activities, sports and camping etc. These magazines can be very informational and educational for everyone.


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