Top 5 Beautiful Beach Camp Sites in UK

Camping on the beach is especially exciting during the summers; you have the tent, the perfect moonlit beach and the adorable company around! In UK there are many beach sites which are perfect for camping purposes. They have all the settings and amenities to give you an amazing camping experience; however you can get indulged in the nude nature enjoyment in the tent under the clear open sky overlooking the pristine beach. So, if you are planning a holiday, check the list below and decide for yourself, which beach site suits you the most.

beach camp sites in UK

Serene Beach Camp Sites in UK

There are a number of beaches in UK ideal for setting up camps. Many of these sites are in various counties of England. Here is a selected list

  • In Yorkshire, “God’s own land” for the locales, there is the beautiful farm in Flamborough. The farm is known as Wold Farm and is located at the edge of the village Flamborough. It is situated at the highest point of the village overlooking the breathtaking coast line. You will also have a bird sanctuary nearby, at a walking distance. There is also a picnic spot for the customers of the farm, at the peak.
  • In Cornwall, a farm called Bay View Farm is located. From the name itself one can understand that the farm has a beautiful view of the water over the St. George’s Island. This is a small place but you will get the basic amenities over here, including Wi Fi connections.  They have small and wonderful huts as well.
  • Pembrokeshire hosts more than one farm. Among them, you can select Dale Hill Farm for your camping expedition. There is the facility of surfing available at this place. Boat trips to nearby islands are also possible. If you fancy diving, this is also an ideal location for you.
  • Cliff House Holiday Park, situated in Suffolk could be another destination for you if you have beach camp sites in mind. This is a site full of trees with direct access to the beach at the Dunwich Heath. It also has a newly built shower block.
  • Scotts Farm Camping site is another beautiful site located in the county of Sussex. It consists of large grassland and you can even bring your dog here. There is a clean and serene beach which is a walking distance to the main site.

The United Kingdom had many more beach camping sites that you can visit to enrich your camping experience.


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