5 Apps for Hiker’s use on Trail

Winter is finally over and you still have some time on your hand before joining your regular day job? If you the adventurous type and love hiking then you are just in luck.

With the spring finally melting the snow and bringing the green back in nature, this is the best time to warm up and put your smart phones to some use other than calling, texting or mailing. Listed below are 5 best smart phone apps that will guide you along your trails if you have all your gears and bags packed.

apps for hiker’s use on trailGaia GPS

If you are worried about lack of cellular services in remote areas then you should be at ease. With Gaia GPS you can download maps from anywhere in the world making all the relevant information of your trail available to you while you are at it. As GPS functions even without a cellular signal if you have downloaded your required map well in advanced you need not worry about wandering off in the wrong direction. With this app you can also get precise locations for interesting sites, if any, along your trails. The free version is ad-supported, however, there is a full version available for $19.99 which provides you with supplementary trail maps.

Point de Vue

This app specially attracts mountain lovers on the trail. This will provide you with detailed information about the mountains that surrounds your trail like elevation, distance and height of the summits within 125 miles of radius from your position etc. It surpasses a major limitation of other hiking apps as it works perfectly fine even in cloudy weather. With a price of $1.99 this app is sure worth all the money.

S. Army Survival Guide

This app as the name suggests is specifically designed for survival techniques in the wilderness. With 1,400 plus pages from an actual military survival guide this app tells you the dos and don’ts on the trail. This hiker’s bible is just $1.99 and has a very high rating universally.

GotoAID First Aid

This is a U.S. Army survival guide which provides information for hikers on any situation. This is especially useful to you if you love hiking with your pets. There is range of first aid advice devoted to different animals which comes in handy even at home and costs you $4.99, although a free version is also available.

My Nature Animal Tracks

If you are an avid wildlife enthusiast and are continuously looking forward to come across them, then this app is just the thing for you. This helps you identify the animals around you and provides detailed information about them by their scats, prints, sounds and even a passing glimpse. It comes for $6.99 and is very handy for wildlife watchers.

So now that you have a range of options to choose from gear up and happy hiking!


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