10 Best Activity Breaks to Explore In the UK

Outdoor activities are fun and include anything from riding, climbing and surfing. Here are some of the most beautiful locations in UK that make for excellent activity breaks.

1. Pony Rides in Dartmoor

Pony Rides in Dartmoor

If you are the type who likes to ride a pony in the countryside then this 20-mile ride is perfect for you. You will be traveling across the moors with stops for refuels and lunch. The only hitch is that the rider should be experienced and fairly fit. Wild camping is permitted where you can pitch up your tent for free.

2. Rafting in Brecon, Wales

Rafting in Brecon, Wales

The white waters of Wales are perfect for rafting on the River Wye. The micro rafts available here are used to cover the 15 miles of the river that also includes a hell hole, which is pretty dangerous and therefore only for the most experienced.

3. Kite Surfing in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Kite Surfing in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Kite surfing a new adventure ride that can be tried here. 1 or 2 day courses are available for beginners. Yurts are also available for hire which will make your stay at Pembrokeshire a memorable experience.

4. Cycling in Cumbria

Cycling in Cumbria

At Cumbria, you can hire a tandem bike and ride it along with your family. Biking along the hills, the spectacular views of the nature around are all incentives of the activity here.

5. Sea Kayaking in Shetland

Sea Kayaking in Shetland

Being the top destination for this sport, Shetland is replete with all things that go with this adventure – coves, caves, clear waters and all. It is also home to incredible marine life.  Bird watching is an incentive of the Shetland landscape.

6. Hiking in Scotland

Hiking in Scotland

With peaks to scale and waters to tame, Scotland is the place to be for a day of adventure in the natural environs. Climbs to the mountains offer spectacular views that will leave you dumbstruck. The lochs of Scotland offer many spots to try out your kayaking skills too.

7. Surfing in Cornwall

Surfing in Cornwall

Cornwall has surfing courses in abundance and some especially for the ladies. Here beginners can enroll for a lesson from certified instructors with complementary yoga sessions in tow. Other facilities include spa retreats and beach side hotels to keep you comfortable and cozy.

8. Picnicking in Wales

Picnicking in Wales

Guided walks, wildlife sightings, flower blooms and scenic by-lanes are all a part of the Wales experience. Many countryside places are available for group picnics with all amenities included.

9. Rock Climbing in Peak District

Rock Climbing in Peak District

This is the best place in the UK for rock climbing. Train under a professional guide to practice the skills of safe rock climbing right from the rope work to leading a team. Independent rock climbing is the aim of the visitors to this place.

10. Cycle Tours in Newcastle

Cycle Tours in Newcastle

This is a fancy cycling holiday to have. From Edinburg to Newcastle, choose a cycling tour that suits you best. This is a National cycling route that passes through many castles, coasts, towns and fishing ports covering 25 to 50 miles a day. Food and accommodation are all included in the costs.


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