9 Gems of Pembrokeshire

Camping at Pembrokeshire is a pleasure and a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Here are 9 spots in Pembrokeshire that will form ideal destinations for your next camping trip.

1. Barafundle Bay

Barafundle Bay

The bay resembles a golden horseshoe and has a great mix of sand dunes and woodlands to its credit. This idyllic setting gives the feeling of remoteness yet has all the basic amenities such as tearooms, car parks and gas stations at convenient distances.

2. Castel Henllys

Castell Henllys

Visit the Fighting and Farming workshops at Castel Henllys and you could get hands on experience of the history of England. This is a total fun filled camping experience in the middle of the grasslands.

3. St Davids

St Davids

The place has some fantastic farms for you to camp at. Apart from the routine farmhouse camping experience, you get to witness farm dogs shepherding the sheep in the most amazing manner. St Davids also has     an adventurous bend to it. Scrambling up rock and jumping off cliffs is what it is famous for. If walking around domesticated animals is not your cup of tea then indulge in these adventurous acts.

4. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

The coastal path is a 187-mile walking trail of the Pembrokeshire countryside. Dramatic cliffs, sheer drop offs, enchanting views of the beaches and the clear waters are all a part of the treat called Pembrokeshire coastal path.

5. Puffins of Skomer

Puffins of Skomer

Skomer is a 2-mile long island which shelters thousands of puffins on its land. Mid July is the time when these cute looking creatures breed and hence turn out in large numbers. Make a trip to this spectacular island when on camping trip in Pembrokeshire.

6. Preseli Hills

Preseli hills

Located close to a theme park, these hills tuck in a reservoir and a dam which entice the hikers and bikers alike. The Preseli hill ride is a great 6.5 miles long mountain biking trail. At the end of the ascent, you come to a 350-acre park and the famous 100 ft high dam. The view from there is worth all the effort. You could stop by for a picnic on this tranquil land.

7. Daugleddau


This is a fun camping site that allows you to enroll for a session on bushcraft. Instructor Chris Elliot will teach you how to handle wilderness camping using simple tools available in the natural surroundings. This is a lovely place for wilderness camping under supervision.

8. Teifi Marshes

Teifi Marshes

With a picnic lunch, a field guide and a pair of binoculars in tow, head to the marshes of Teifi for a day or two of camping and bird watching. From spotting wildlife to cooking your meals in the fields, here is your chance to explore wilderness camping at its best.

9. Folly Farm at Tenby

Folly Farm at Tenby

There are at least 50 species of rare animals on this farm. Camping here with family is a sure shot hit with education and fun going hand in hand. From wild species of birds and insects to domesticated animals at the breeding farm, adventure playgrounds and a retro fair with vintage rides are just some of the things you will do when you camp out at Folly’s Farm.


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