5 Best Gourmet Campsites in UK

The best part of camping in UK is that you are never too far from a farmer’s market or a farm shop. This means that every camping trip in UK can be converted into a gourmet trip. So if you are one of those who can get away from the crowd but not from food, then here are 5 of UK’s best Gourmet campsites:

5 Best Gourmet Campsites in UK

1. Lochouses Farm, East Lothian

This campsite is located on the lands of a farm house that is home to pigs, rabbits and free-ranging chickens. It has space enough for 7 tents and is a wonderful site to camp with family and friends. The main attraction of this campsite which makes it a part of this article is its proximity to the coast.

That means one who is in a mood for sea food has had his day. The shore front houses fresh lobster outlets where you can buy fresh crabs for a song. You can bring them back to the fireplace in the campsite and with a simplistic sauce and some creativity cook up a great crustacean fare.

2. Dunstan Hill campsite, Northumberland

This is a campsite located in the wild coast side. It is just a stone’s throw from Craster, a fishing village. The sea here is known for its great mine of kippers and so the idea of getting someone to sell you a bag full of kippers does not seem farfetched. Having bought them you can enjoy your day with kipper pate on toast for breakfast. The only things you would need to cook this oily fish black pepper, lemon juice and some double cream. Enjoy it with your family in tow.

3. Studford Farm, North Yorkshire

The farm is close to a hiking trail, this campsite is a must visit for those who love to savor an English breakfast in the quaint environs of the country side. Close to the farm there are shops that sell smoked salmon. The best way to eat them is to toss them on the toast along with scrambled eggs and serve it hot in the cozy interiors of your tent alongside the campfire.

4. Gordale campsite, North Yorkshire

Located amidst two limestone cliffs, Gordale Scar is a treasure to explore. The campsite is located at the base of Gordale Scar. It is a very basic campsite with two wash rooms, cold water and an occasional shower. But what sets this place apart is the availability of pork products. Cooking them in olive oil and savoring them with parboiled potatoes is the right way to enjoy this farm house delicacy.

5. Nant Y Big, Gwynedd

Located at a height overlooking the beach below is this nature’s wonder called Nant Y. Apart from watching dolphins from your tent and enjoying the hot showers, one can enjoy gastronomic delights of chopped lambs at this site. When teamed with spicy couscous, lamb kebabs roasted over the campfire form a sumptuous meal for the night of solitude at this paradise on earth.


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