5 Best Campsites of New Forest

New forest is a great place to plan your next camping trip. Located in Hampshire, this lovely green outdoor venue is dotted with farms and woods to give you the ultimate camping experience. This large wooded area called New Forest is equipped with many designated campsites in its favor. Here are 5 of the best New Forest campsites.

1.  Aldridge Hill

Aldridge Hill

A perfect way to break free from the humdrum of urban life, Aldridge is abound with natural beauty. The forest has many waterways of which Ober water and Blackwater Stream are the prettiest. Some of the activities for campers here would be the Ober Water Trail and a visit to the Ober Heath which is a sanctuary for the red deer. Camping here would qualify as very basic since there are no toilets or electricity.

2. Denny Wood

Denny Wood

Grasslands to woodlands, Denny wood has everything on offer. Serene and majestic oak trees line this forest that has free roaming ponies grazing on the grasslands. Campers here can look forward to a great bird watching outing which includes sighting the rare Montagu’s Harrier and the Dartford Warbler. You can bear witness to a variety of ground nesting birds. If you have a bike in tow then reaching the nearby villages of Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst is very easy where you can visit the Beaulieu Palace and the National Motor Museum.

3. Holmsley Forest

Holmsley Forest

If you want to combine history with camping then Holmsley is the right place for it. Located on the warfields of World War II, these camping grounds remind you of the bygone days. The campsite is mostly spread on grass and hence ideal for camping with children. Forest walks, cycling and picnicking are some of the activities you can enjoy when camping at Holmsley.

4. Ocknell Forest

Ocknell Forest

This countryside campsite is a scenic location which can be enjoyed by people from all age groups. Camping at this site gives you opportunity to explore the beautiful hamlet of Fritham. You can either walk up to the village or just drive down to experience views of thatched cottages, ducks, ponies and the gorgeous lake.

In the heart of the forest is Bolderwood where you can experience deer sightings. The icing to the cake is the proximity of Salisbury and Stonehenge which are both historically important places.  A piece of advice for campers would be to carry rock pegs as the ground here is hard for regular pitching.

5. Roundhill forest

Roundhill forest

The campsite is a paradise for those who love to pitch a tent under pine trees. The site is ideal for those who love to explore fishing as a camping activity along with their grown up children. It could also make for a great educational trip to explore and learn more about various species of local plants and animals. Shetland ponies and an occasional deer may be spotted on nature walks around this campsite. If you have come here with kids then you could visit the nearby Paultons Park Peppa Pig World for entertainment or go on a family horse ride.

Photo Credit: (http://www.campingintheforest.co.uk)


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