2014 – Increasing Popularity for Domestic Tourism in UK

According to the reports of the travel association, for 2014, people are expected to spend even more on traveling than in 2013. They also claim that the majority of the travelers will consider value for money as a main criterion and the package holidays will have a lot of success in this year as well.

A New Destination

ABTA claims that people will continue to visit their favorite countries, but this year they will opt for a different destination. This is because they will wish to have something familiar and something new regarding their holiday.

Package Holidays

As it has been mentioned before, the popularity of the package holidays will not decrease. These represent great value for money and the arrangements can be taken care of with ease. Besides this there is also a wide variety of choices and the majority of the packages are quite flexible.

The Simple Life

Although the people who can afford it will opt for the five star luxury resorts, a lot of people will shift towards a more authentic and simple holiday. People need to get away from their everyday lives and thus even the simplest holiday trips will gain more popularity this year.

Domestic Tourism

As it was to be expected, domestic tourism will experience a fast growth in 2014. The Olympics and Jubilee really raised the interest of people regarding domestic traveling and now that people got a taste of it, it looks like they simply can’t get enough of it.

Age Groups

As you might think, older travelers represent an important market segment. This is because those belonging to the age group of 55-64 have the most time for traveling and they also have the budget needed for all kinds of trips.

Close to Home

It looks like the majority of the travelers will be looking for destinations that they already know well and that are close to their home. This means that the domestic market will grow. Besides this there are some other countries that will benefit as well, such as Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Turkey.

Going Farther

Apparently the longer vacations are also tempting for the travelers. People will be willing to take longer trips and they will consider Brazil, Costa Rica, Antigua, Mauritius, Malaysia, Oman, and Slovenia as their destination.

Even though you might be tempted to go to a distant destination, chances are that you will find a nice destination without having to leave the country.


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